Priorities and Guilt

Slice of Life- Day 5

Life is all about priorities. I wish I could be everywhere and do everything, but I can’t.  Tonight at the school I work at, it was Family Fun Night. I am not sure I have ever missed this, maybe once when my kids were really little, but it has always been a priority to me.  For my 9 years as a fifth grade teacher I ran “The Calk Walk” to raise money for our outdoor education trip, which back then was 4 days and 3 nights! When my kids were little, my “volunteering” would be bringing them, spending too much money, bringing home a beta fish that lived for years, listening to the crying when we didn’t win a basket, and enjoying Family Fun Night with my kids and my second family of co-workers, their kids, and my students.  The past few years, my kids have been with their dad, so I volunteered to run games and enjoyed seeing all of the students with their families. This year was going to be no different. My kids are with their dad this weekend, so when the email came out, I volunteered.

Last week, we got an email that my son was chosen to play in the MVP basketball game.  Of course the game was scheduled for tonight. Once again, I am double booked. He was hoping for this and he was so excited that he got chosen.  I knew this meant I had to choose…..Family Fun Night or MVP game. There was no question, I am always going to choose my kids, but of course there was guilt.  I needed to email my principal and tell her I could no longer volunteer. As always, with family, she was very understanding. I had to answer the constant question today, “Ms. Perez, are you going to be at family fun night tonight?”  Every time I answered, “No.” I felt the guilt.

I rushed out at 3:30 to get home, grab my kids, and head to the game.  First was the 3-point shoot out, then the free-throw contest, and finally the MVP game.  My son’s team won 52-29. He was smiling all night, he had so much fun playing, and I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. For as much as I like being at Family Fun Night and the traditions I have made there, my kids will always be my number one priority.  Hopefully, my students and their families had as much fun together tonight as I did with mine.

8 thoughts on “Priorities and Guilt

  1. I’m so glad you were there for your son. You always give your students the best. I see how committed to them you are. They want you there because they care. But they also know you are a mom. See you at McTeacher night!

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  2. There’s not even a question that you did the right thing. There will always be Family Fun Nights, but these memories with your family will last forever. That is so cool that he got to be part of that, and I hope you enjoyed every second. Savena and Melody held down the cake walk. 😉

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  3. I smiled as I read your post because I remembered those hard choices we as parents make every day. Those writing celebrations that occurred at the same time as my CSE meetings were my nemesis! Baseball playoffs on Board meet nights! Ugh. Glad you made the RIGHT choice and your principal understood. Not all do!

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