I do not belong here!

Slice of Life- Day 12

I gave in, and I am not proud of it!  I am not one to panic and I think I am a very calm, easy going person.  I know precautions are being taken so that everyone stays healthy, and I get all of it. Tonight, I went grocery shopping to stock up on things.  It wasn’t my plan. My daughter had gymnastics, which surprisingly wasn’t cancelled, but I had heard stories about shelves being empty in many of the surrounding stores.  I figured I am responsible for feeding these people that live with me and making sure we have enough of what we need. If it was just me, I am sure I would not have been at Meijer tonight, but it isn’t just me.  I guess that is what being a parent is really all about. Instead of going to gymnastics, we went grocery shopping. It was crazy! Shelves were empty and lines were long. I hated that I was there with all the other people who were panicking.  We stocked up on what we could, but really, I just did the grocery shopping I would’ve done on Saturday. My kids are hoping for 3 weeks off….I am not! I want life back to normal as soon as possible!

8 thoughts on “I do not belong here!

  1. I too went to the store to get a few things I needed and felt the need to get more toilet paper and a few more things I bought extra of that I wouldn’t have done on a normal Thursday night. They were out of milk and pretty much out of water,,

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  2. I am with you. I went for fruit but the lune line outside the store sent me into spasms. Then there was a sro liquor store….I might lose weight but I am not going to shop in panic….yet i am scared…

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  3. I did the same after work!!! I needed things for Tessie’s birthday party, but stocked up on some pork and beef that I could freeze, juices, and some snacks in case Tessie runs low. I have had a nervous stomach all day, but I just want this to be done with and back to normal sooner rather than later!

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