Life Changes in an Instant

Slice of Life- Day 15

There is nothing else I can write about today, but Becky.

March 15, 2007 changed my life.

It was a Friday when I got the call from Emily, “Becky’s family is trying to get a hold of her….have you heard from her?”

I hadn’t.

“Becky didn’t show up at work.  No one knows where she is.”

“Maybe something happened and she drove to Monica’s.” I said.

There were five of us from college: Becky, Emily, Monica, Maria and me.  

By Friday night, she was on the news.  One of the missing girls I had often seen, but this was different, this was personal.  Now every time I see those girls, I am reminded of what families and friends are going through, the feelings all come back, the not knowing, fearing the worst and at the same time hoping for the best,

Becky was missing Friday and Saturday.

The investigation began immediately.

Her body was found.

Her partner, someone Becky lived with and loved, was arrested.

Lives were changed forever,

This was not a random act of violence.  This was done by someone Becky loved, someone her family welcomed into their family, someone we all knew.

My life changed forever on March 15, 2007.

16 thoughts on “Life Changes in an Instant

  1. Wow, this was very powerful. A girl in our community went missing in the fall, and she was the cousin of one of my students. I had no idea she was suffering last semester. Heartbreaking. Wishing you well today.

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  2. I am so sorry for your loss. These “anniversaries” so to speak can be so hard. Even though it seems to others like another day on the calendar it is ver meaningful to you. Love and hugs from me.

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  3. This memory… is such a tough one. Life does change in an instant. I feel like we live in a society where we think “this could never happen to me.” But it does. And it can. Really holds true for what is happening right now. I know you keep her memory alive well.

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  4. This was so heartbreaking to read Trina. I am sure that date cuts like a knife each year. My thoughts have been with you since I read it this morning!

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  5. I am thinking of you my friend! I remember you sharing this story years ago. Life changes in an instant, but the negative changes are toughest to deal with.

    There is a Greek saying when greeting someone who has just lost someone close to them, “Zoe se sas” which means “Life to you”. This is said because a person doesn’t die until the memory of them does, so they wish the living many years of life to remember them and to keep their memory alive. “Zoe se sas”

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  6. Wow. I am a big fan of Dateline and all those shows and always always always think “I can’t imagine what that’s like.” I am so sorry that you know what it’s like.
    I saw your post on FB sharing happy memories in her honor. Hope those gave you some smiles to help with your pain today.

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