Independent Woman

Slice of Life- Day 16

Finding the humor in our days is what will make this all easier.

Today, my kids had school, but I had a list of things I wanted to get done.

One thing was laundry.  I could easily complete the laundry while working on all of the e-learning emails, communication with parents and students that needed to be sent, while also reading everything from my kids’ schools, so that I can stay on top of it all….this is going to be exhausting.

I asked my daughter to pick up all the clothes on her floor and bring down her laundry basket before we walked to school this morning. She came stumbling down the stairs and I could picture her falling, dirty laundry flying everywhere, her getting hurt, so I asked if I could help her.  Her response,

“I am an independent woman and I can do it myself!”

This made me instantly laugh.  The things that come out of her mouth entertain me daily.  This time though, I thought, “Good for you baby girl, I’m doing something right!”

6 thoughts on “Independent Woman

  1. I am surprised that your kids still have school today. I wonder if they will be able to get anything done with all the stress and anxiety surrounding them.


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