Slice of Life – Day 19

Today is the first day of spring!  I am always excited about the first day of spring….longer days, sunshine, more time outdoors.  This year is no different. Even though today is rainy and there is not much sunshine, I am excited for what is to come.  I love sunshine, I love being outside, and I absolutely love summer. I often wonder why I have stayed in Illinois. It is not really the sunniest state and there are many other places where I would love to live, but I know the answer.  I stay in Illinois because my family is here, my friends are here, my job is here. But maybe someday….

I wonder how different this spring and summer will be this year.  Will there be end of the school year activities? Will there be a last day of school?  Will my son be able to join track or play flag football this spring? Will my daughter have her cheer competition that she has been practicing for?  I am guessing many of these answers will be no, but I could be wrong.

Then I think about summer, will we be able to go join the pool and enjoy the hot, summer days there?  Will we have our weekend getaways to Michigan or St.Louis with friends? Will we be able to enjoy day trips to the zoo, the summer festivals, concerts?

So much is unknown, but I know today is the first day of spring, I know we will have longer days, more time outdoors,  and I know the sun will shine!! So for today, that is good enough!

6 thoughts on “Spring!

  1. I have had the same thoughts you shared! I was thinking of planning a trip to Greece this summer but I am thinking even once we are free to be out and about, it will be too soon to travel to another country. So, to not get my hopes too high, I am just hoping the Oswego pool will be open and awaiting the Koutsogiannis Family!

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  2. This made me tear up with all of the wonders… But I do love summer and spring means that we are getting closer. The sunshine and warmth always makes me feel better… even if I am just in my backyard.

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  3. I was also thinking about the summer today and if I should move my surgery to asap once we know more..not that I want to be at a hospital right now but trying to figure out how to be the most effective and efficient for my students and my family.


  4. I am almost tempted to open the pool, I just need it to be a few more degrees warmer – then the heater can do the rest! But I agree one day at a time and hope we can get out of this new sense of normalcy to a new normal.

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