Slice of Life-Day 20

There is one reason why I moved where I did after my divorce, FAMILY. 

Today, I realized again, how important this decision was.

Last night I ran to Walgreens, because it is very close to my house.  I left the kids home and was hoping to find milk. No such luck. I texted my sisters and asked them to pick up a gallon if they were out this weekend, no rush, but I would be running out.  It is hard to run out and get “necessities” when they are advising kids not go to the stores. I will need to figure this one out, but this morning, while we were all e-learning and e-teaching. My daughter said, “Auntie Teryl is here”  In the front window I saw my sister with a gallon of milk, and some cookie dough 🙂


Later, my brother-in-law came over to look at my dryer vent.  I had lint blowing out in my backyard and my landlord has not been great about answering texts the past few months.  He cleaned the outside vent, cleaned the inside part by the dryer, and looked down in the basement where it runs through the ceiling.  It seemed ok and not clogged. I am still thinking I want a professional to come look at it, but for today, it works!


This afternoon, as we were all working, my kids school district announced again that grade level packets were available online, they just needed to be printed.  We were all online and on devices this week and things got hectic, so I absolutely wanted this work for next week. The problem, I don’t have a printer. Again, I texted my sisters….another favor….”Can anyone get on the district website and print math and reading packets for both kids?  No rush, we don’t need them until next week”

Within an hour, my sister texted’ “Packets are in your mailbox.”  My son was not thrilled when I told him how nice it was of Auntie Traci to print these for us.  His face was priceless.

Me, I was thankful!

6 thoughts on “Thankful!

  1. It is definitely nice to have family around to be there when needed. My sisters and mom, and my in laws are always so good about helping with the kids and dogs. Glad to hear that your family is so willing to help!!

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  2. Yes, family is a not only a great help but also a reminder that you are not alone. At times, I do feel alone; however, having my children nearby is a reminder that I am not really alone.

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