Uno Flip

Slice of Life-Day 21

Today, our day was a bit different since it is Saturday.  I still worked a little, but we were outside a lot. We still walked the dog and we painted crates in the garage, but there was no e-learning.  We have started new traditions this week, a new schedule, our new normal, and it went well, but today we didn’t have that schedule.

Today, we played more, we cleaned less, we were outside more, and we worked less……it’s Saturday!

As we are sitting here streaming old basketball games and I am trying to figure out what to write for today’s slice, my kids asked, “Are we going to have our Uno tournament tonight?”  Since it was Saturday and our routine was different, I almost forgot! We have been playing Uno Flip every night this past week, best of 3 wins. This has become a new nightly tradition.  We don’t have homework to finish or sports to run to, so now we have Uno Flip tournaments.

Making new traditions can be fun and hopefully memorable for all of us!

5 thoughts on “Uno Flip

  1. We didn’t do “school” on Saturday either. I made them do some today to earn some choice technology time.
    I also cleaned less this week…when I am home, I am able to keep up with the chores that I don’t spend more time on Saturday morning or Friday Nights cleaning. Week 1—Done. 2+ to go.

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