Slice of Life – Day 22

Today I was bored, so there is not much to write about.

I had plenty to do, but no motivation to do any of it.

I was going to go on a long walk this afternoon because that always helps to jump start my productivity, but then it started snowing. I thought I would go when it stopped, but it didn’t stop.  If this was winter break, I may have ventured out for a walk to get some fresh air, or maybe if it was sunny, but it was gloomy and snowing and March, so I wanted no part of it! I didn’t even make dinner since we had so many leftovers, so no effort there either!

Usually, on Sundays I am frantic.  Checking everything off the list that I possibly can before the work week starts, but today there was no sense of urgency. Nothing HAD to be done.  The list will still be there and so will the time. In a way that feeling was refreshing, but it is also unknown and uncomfortable.

Tomorrow is a “school day” so I am hoping my mood and my productivity both increase.  I am the type of person who prefers being busy. I get more accomplished, when I am busy and I need to move from one task to the next.  I am not great with downtime.  

Tomorrow, I will rewrite my to-do list adding any of tomorrows to dos and hopefully I will cross lots of them off the list throughout the day.  I will wake up and start working while I drink my morning coffee, I will make lists of assignments for my kids, and tomorrow I will feel better.

Tonight, all I have left to-do is to play Uno-Flip.  Last night I was the winner:)

6 thoughts on “Unmotivated

  1. I was the SAME today. Normally Sundays are full of running around making sure everything is ready for the week. I NEVER have enough time. Today time stood still… And that snow didn’t help!
    Have fun tonight. Tomorrow is a new day.

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  2. I am with you girlfriend! I Zoomed with Pam to plan our parent/student email that we sent today and I showered. Well, that exhausted me so much that I laid down and took an hour nap!

    Tomorrow is another day and the start of another week, hopefully a MORE PRODUCTIVE day and week! Wishing you the same!

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  3. Ugh, I feel your unmotivation. I too have gotten nothing done this whole week except for mundane chores! Here is hoping this week is better for us. Hang in there!


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