Time for Training

Slice of Life – Day 23

This time at home is giving me time to focus.  There are so many things that need to be done, but there is also time to do them.  I am still working, my kids are still learning, although neither are at a standard I would want to stay at, but for now it is good.  There is time for routine cleaning and spring cleaning. There is time for walks outside and for exercise. There is time for reading and rest. And, there is also time for training.

 I adopted our puppy in the middle of September, definitely the busiest time of the school year, and I tried to add one more thing to my already full plate. Yes, I have training treats and she knows how to sit, lay down, a shake.  We are still working on stay, come, and let it go. She is potty trained and does great in her crate throughout the day. She is out of her crate at night and sleeping with me, only waking up once or twice. However, I haven’t really had time to consistently train her.  Now, I do!

She is a puppy, but she is 50 pounds and strong.  She listens pretty well to me and my son is strong enough to physically control her, so the puppy bullies my daughter.  She jumps on her and playfully bites her, so that is what I am working on now.

Now, I have the time to be consistent.  Now, I have the time to teach her. Now, I have the time to work with the puppy and my daughter.  With us being home all day, the puppy is getting the exercise and love she needs, while also getting training all throughout the day.  I am seeing improvements and I know if I keep working with her these next 2 weeks (or more) she will get much better. We will then have summer to continue our training and will hopefully be able to take a family training class.  

Another positive thing getting accomplished while quarantined at home.

7 thoughts on “Time for Training

  1. That’s great!!! She’s so glad to have you home. Dogs love people. I was thinking about my dog for the next school year…20-21 He is always around us or with the sitter and kids, and never alone more than 3 hours. With the kids being full time next year, my heart will hurt for him being alone. I need some ideas for a plan for him….

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  2. We are supposed to be doing the same thing. Suzanne started bringing him to lessons, but that got postponed like everything else. He is getting so much better on his own, but there are still a couple of things we need to get under control. I am sure you are feeling the same way. Good luck with your not so little guy!

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