Movie Night

Slice of Life – 24

Tonight we decided, no streaming old basketball games, no SpongeBob, No YouTube videos streamed on the TV, tonight we are going to watch a movie.

Usually, we can all agree on a movie, but it doesn’t seem to be as easy anymore.

Jessie suggested “Onward”, which would’ve been ok, but it wasn’t really on our list of movies to see, so paying $20, wasn’t something that sounded great to me.

I suggested the new “Jumanji” and Jax agreed, but Jessie said no to that one.

Jessie then suggested “Adams Family,” but Jax and I weren’t feeling that one.

Jax wanted “Scooby-Doo”……nope!

They both wanted “Season 5: SpongeBob SquarePants.”  I reminded them why we were watching a movie and SpongeBob was a definite NO!

I wanted “Toy Story 4”

Both kids said no because they had watched that at their dad’s.

We listed several more….I couldn’t believe it had gotten this hard for the three of us to decide on a movie!

Finally, Jessie said,”Daddy’s Home 2?”

Now, I saw “Daddy’s Home” but without the kids.

They both said,”We have seen it a few times at Dad’s.”

I have been wanting to see it, and I never get to watch movies of my choice, and they have seen it anyway, so I am hoping for the best!

We are 15 minutes in and it is a little questionable, but it’s not a cartoon, I haven’t seen it before, and I get to watch Mark Wahlberg.  Sounds like a win! 🙂

8 thoughts on “Movie Night

  1. Sounds like our house trying to negotiate a movie! Sometimes we play UNO or sorry or something and the winner gets to pick.
    Haven’t seen that movie yet but I agree- can’t be that bad if you get to watch Mark Wahlberg 🙂

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  2. It was definitely a win! I saw the first one with my kids and could have died! LOL Oh Trina, remember the Sponge Bob movie we took the kids too – ugh! Mark Walhberg! 🙂

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  3. Movie Nights are fun! I am glad that you eventually found something to watch. I am not a movie person but the new Jumanji movies are good! Most of the time we stick with the Disney movies – we love The Zombies one and Descendants.

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  4. I love your description of the negotiations! I think this is a good time to catch up on movies for those of us who remain healthy and a bit bored with life!

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