Tooth Fairy

Slice of Life- Day 25

Not one of my best Mom moments:

Last night, Jessie lost a tooth. This is her second tooth since we have been quarantined!  Last week, I had singles and the tooth fairy was able to deliver! Last night, I wasn’t as prepared.  I had cash, but she was not getting $20. I am not one to always have cash, so I have been in this situation before.  t I usually use the excuse that rooms were so messy so the tooth fairy probably couldn’t find the tooth and suggest they better straighten up before the next night.  I go to work the next day or head to the store and then the tooth fairy is able to deliver the following night. Although, I knew today that I wouldn’t be heading to work or the store.

I don’t know if she still really believes in the tooth fairy, but I wasn’t going to let this pandemic be the reason she doesn’t.  As I was putting my son’s laundry away, I checked his cash, only twenty dollar bills. That is a completely different issue! I could give her change, but I’m not sure the tooth fairy carries change.  It was bedtime and I was still trying to figure out my plan. I was tucking Jessie in and that is when I spotted her wallet on her dresser.

I woke up at 3:00 am to let the dog out, snuck in my daughter’s bedroom and grabbed her wallet.  I took out the money I had given her last week, then I went back into her room, put the wallet back, left the money, and grabbed the tooth.  Success! 

This definitely would not have worked for my son.  He knows exactly how much money he has, things are in a particular spot, and he would’ve known someone was messing with his money.  My daughter on the other hand, will not have a clue. She is not organized at all, often loses her money and has no idea how much she has.  At first I felt a little guilty, but quickly got over that!

Desperate times require desperate measures.

Now I just need to figure out what to say when she asks her daily question,”Mom, what did you write about today?”

7 thoughts on “Tooth Fairy

  1. I love this post! Desperate times require desperate measures . . . this definitely qualifies for desperate times! This age is a tricky one, old enough to not believe, but naive enough to still believe. I am not a fan of making them grow up too fast so you made the perfect decision.

    I just feel bad that you know have to come up with TWO stories tomorrow – one to post and one to tell Jessie!

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