Is Everything Okay?

March 9, 2021

I must have sent this text a dozen times today to my kids.  I really don’t know what I would do if they said no, but I felt the need to keep asking.

Today was the first day they were home alone with both dogs.  I adopted a new dog Saturday from the shelter and we already have a dog that is only a year and a half.  It sounded like a great idea, but on days like this, I am not so sure what I was thinking.  My kids are still learning remotely 3 days per week.  They have done great with all of it, but now I feel like I shouldn’t have added more to their plates, they are only in 5th and 7th grade.  My nephew is there with them and he is 16, which makes me feel a little better.  However, he is also in school, so he really can’t help with chaos if there is any without distracting his own learning.

As i left this morning, the dogs were already crazy.  My puppy just wants to play, the shelter dog is still scared, she peed once on my bed and once on my son.  As I left I was thinking that this was not a responsible choice that I just made.  My son works upstairs, so he was going to bring one up with him.  He would be in charge of letting that one out on his breaks and keeping it quiet.  My daughter and nephew work downstairs.  They will have the other one with them.  She has done great so far, but as I left, I was wondering if she would be barking and whining to get upstairs throughout the day.  With 3 kids online learning remotely, the last thing anyone needs is 2 crazy, barking dogs in the background.

Thankfully my kids answered each text with “going good” and “yep, everything is good, they are getting along”  I got home from work and there were 3 kids and 2 dogs sitting on my couch watching TV.  The kids were calm, the dogs were calm, and the school day went well.  Maybe this will all be ok after all.

10 thoughts on “Is Everything Okay?

  1. I can imagine your tension and worry was relieved – for just a bit – every time they said things were OK. But, as I read your post, I thought of all those Moms who faced days like today (for you) pre-texting! Then I smiled and remember there was never a year quite like this one! Hope tomorrow is a good day as well

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  2. I would have been a bit worried too. I have not loved leaving my kids alone on virtual learning days either. I hope that a good routine will fall into place, even with the new dog!

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    1. She walked well, but needs training going to the bathroom outside and being in her crate. High anxiety…she doesn’t leave our sides. Poor thing, but she will come around.

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