Saturday Vibes

March 13

I love Saturday mornings, especially when I don’t have to rush out of the house.  Today was one of those mornings!  Even though I am up early, the vibe is different.  Spring is closer, which means carefree days soon!

Sunshine shining through the window.

Coffee on the couch watching TV.

Walking the dogs, for the first time.

Catching up on my to do list.

Cleaning up all the piles left from the week.


Knowing friends, who are like family, are on their way.

My daughter baking.

My son playing basketball in the driveway.

Windows open.

Fresh air.

I will enjoy today, because tomorrow all the things I didn’t do today will seem so important.  The grocery shopping, the lesson plans, the looking ahead to what the week holds.

However, today I enjoyed my Saturday morning!

7 thoughts on “Saturday Vibes

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed your Saturday vibes. There’s a hopefulness and levity in the way you describe an ordinary Saturday. Lesson plans can wait. Thanks for giving me permission to just chill as well.

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  2. Yes, there is great joy in coffee on the couch and a lay morning to regroup from the week I find I need that rest more during stressful times – like this year!

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  3. Your day sounded perfect! I love the feeling of not being rushed and enjoying all the things we usually miss out on . . . the coffee on the couch, enjoying the sunshine and warmth, and the anticipation of a visit from loved ones!

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