Technology is not my Thing!

March 12

It is a given that if anyone has an issue with technology, it will be me.  Which is why I find it extremely ironic that I am the “remote teacher.”  I have always hated technology, while it is convenient and I love how easy it makes things, I do not look to add technology to my life.  After getting divorced and living on my own, l learned a lot, remote teaching has pushed me to a completely new  level, but the trouble shooting when things don’t work is not something I do!

Tonight was a trouble shooting night.  It has been driving me crazy that the life360 app on my kids’ phones has not been accurate.  I do not use it often, but when I do use it, I want it to work!  My daughter’s phone never updates, my son’s location isn’t accurate. Even when they are sitting right next to me and I try to see if the app is working, locations are incorrect.  I have read all the FAQs, I reinstalled the app on all of our phones, I made sure location sharing was on, nothing worked!  

I am the person who likes to unplug something and plug it back in or maybe turn it off, then turn it back on.  That is how I like to troubleshoot.  After several hours and no luck, I texted my ex-husband.  He uses the app too and I didn’t want to mess things up on his end.  He let me know that it never works for him either.  Problem solved!  I deleted the app from all of our phones and am looking for another one that will work!  This kind of feels like the new way to unplug something and plug back in or switch it off, then back on.

Perfect way to solve the problem!

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