Life in the Midwest

March 14

Yesterday was a perfect spring day!  The sun was out and our windows were open! We walked the dogs, walked to the park and enjoyed some time outside. Yesterday,  I thought it was the beginning of spring.  Yesterday was a get outside and enjoy the weather type of day.

Today, it felt more like fall than spring.  The wind was blowing and our windows stayed closed.  We walked the dogs, but we bundled up and it was definitely colder.  We also took the shorter route around the neighborhood.  Today was a sit inside  and watch tv type of day.

Tomorrow, there is 100% chance of snow and sleet!  I don’t know if the sun will be out, but at that point, it doesn’t matter.  We probably will not walk the dogs.  It will feel like winter all over again.  It hopefully won’t be a shoveling our driveway type of day!

This is life in the Midwest.

6 thoughts on “Life in the Midwest

  1. Ugh! I feel the same way! I keep reminding myself that we just have to get over the annual crazy weather transition hump from winter into Spring, and that it will happen.. you just never know when..
    I’m so over the shovel the driveway days for this year!


  2. It is hard for everyone to get a taste of spring’s mild weather and then to have it taken away as winter rolls back. The good news is that spring WILL come, even to the midwest~


  3. It’s unreal how quickly your weather changes! (And I thought ours was temperamental! PA has nothing on the Midwest!)

    Hoping spring comes forth — and stays for awhile (er, three months) — soon!


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