March 23

I am not good with schedules, I do not like thinking of all the variables and all the people that are affected by my schedule, specifically, my daily school schedule.  After spring break, some students  are switching schedules again.  Our options in our district are now 5 full day, in person or 5 full day remote.  I am staying with many of my same students and still teaching remote.  The only difference is I now teach 2 groups instead of 3, so I needed to revise my schedule.

This should be easy enough, right?

I sat with my partners last week, planned my schedules for both groups this weekend, and my schedule was similar to my fourth grade partners’ schedules.  This would help our LBS teachers, our EL teachers, and the students that receive those services.  It was done by Monday since it needed to be sent out later this week and it looked good.  I should have known it would not be that easy!

Today after school, I received an email from our administration.   “Sorry for the confusion, while in person learning starts at 8:20, remote learning will remain at 8:30.  Please fix schedules accordingly”


That meant tonight was full of revisions.  It is only 10 minutes, but it ends up being different 25 minute time slots.  Different time slots means my schedule will not match my teammates.  This means the time scheduled for my weekly PLC doesn’t fit perfectly into my schedule.  Our SEL and read aloud time that our principal hoped would stay the same across grade level, can’t.

I finished draft 2 for schedules A and B.  I am not sure they are done, but that decision is for tomorrow….or until I get the next email.

5 thoughts on “Schedules

  1. Schedules are probably the thing I hate doing the most! My teaching partner was so good at them, I sure do miss having her do them for both of us this year, as she is teaching gifted. I guess I have to do my own now. That’s a spring break project!

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  2. OMG, I haven’t even thought of trying yet… I have to wait until everyone else is done and they aren’t due to all of the things you just mentioned!!!

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