Check Something off the List!

March 25

In some ways, through all of this, life has become easier.  I love that I can do my grocery shopping online and have it delivered right to my house, at a time that is convenient for me!

I was not sure when I would get to the grocery store before we leave for our weekend away.  I work today and tomorrow and tonight is tumbling for my daughter and I still need  to pack.  I would like to leave right after school tomorrow, so how do I get it all done?  I was going to run to the grocery store while my daughter was in tumbling.  Would an hour be enough time?  Now, they are calling for thunderstorms.  I really do not want to go tonight, but when?

That is when the lightbulb went on.  I can’t believe I didn’t plan it before.  I have groceries delivered once or twice per month.  When it is just a few things I need, I still run in.  Sometimes I like picking out things for myself, not today!

This morning, I sat at my kitchen table, drinking my coffee, and placing my order of everything I need for this weekend…..from flea and tick medicine for the dogs to charcoal for the grill….it was all ordered.  I had it delivered this afternoon, when I was still at work, but my kids would be home.  They can use their time to bring the groceries in from the porch and put things away.  Most of it can be left on the counter.  If it doesn’t need to be refrigerated, it will be going straight into the car tomorrow after work.

One thing checked of my list!

One thing that can be done while I am at work!

One less thing to do deal with tonight!

Sometimes this new world is ok 🙂

5 thoughts on “Check Something off the List!

  1. Couldn’t agree with you more! I find online ordering is so economical with my time. Nothing like Saturday morning grocery shopping in pjs with coffee. I really liked your style at the end! The one line observations wrapped it all up.


  2. There have definitely been some wins that came out of all of “this”. Grocery and food delivery have upped their game! I love that you got this big item checked off your list and you can feel one step closer to an amazing weekend with the kids.


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