A Bit of Well Deserved Normalcy

March 30

Today I decided to treat myself to a bit of normalcy.  I am fully vaccinated, but am still hesitant about things being “completely normal.”  I worry that my kids are not vaccinated and am conscious of that, but today, my kids are with their dad.  The sun is shining and I know spring will soon be here to stay!  Perfect time for a manicure and a pedicure!  Sadly, this was way overdue.  Before covid, this was something that I would do often, a little way to treat myself. I thought today was the perfect day to start the routine again!

I walked into my favorite place and  I was happy to see the same faces.  I chatted with the owner and told her how happy I was that they were able to make it through.  She told me that they were closed for 4 months and that a lot of the older customers had not yet started coming back, but she is hopeful that with the vaccines and the warmer weather, business would be back to normal soon.

 I enjoyed choosing some spring colors for my nails. I sat and relaxed.  I loved feeling the normalcy of it all  and felt comfortable in this environment.  This is definitely something I have missed, probably more than restaurants.  I am hopeful that each day will be a little bit more normal than the last.  I am hopeful that the pools will be open this summer and when they open and I am sitting in the sunshine without a care in the world,  my toes will be brightly painted for summer because I will definitely keep this routine going!

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