Time for the Orthodontist

March 31

I guess it is a right of passage.  It seems every kid now has braces.  I think they are more common than they ever were before.  When I was a kid, it wasn’t a mandatory thing.  You only got braces if your teeth were really crooked.  I was fortunate and never needed braces.  There were 3 of us and only one needed braces.  Today, it seems different.

The dentist my kids go to has been talking about them eventually needing braces for years, so I knew this day was coming.  Every six months the orthodontist pops in to the kids’ cleanings, which is convenient.  When we went in March, I was told my daughter still needed to lose 2 teeth before her consultation, since that appointment she has lost one.  My son is 2 years older and his consultation is today.

We head in to the orthodontist, and I already know what will be determined.  He will need braces.  I do not know for how long or how much they will cost, but as I said before, braces don’t seem to be an option anymore.  The orthodontist asks him several times, “So, do you want braces?”  I am not sure what kid will say , “Yes!”  His teeth overlap a bit and he has a space between his 2 front teeth.  His teeth are not awful, but I can see why they would recommend them.  I told my son that he would appreciate his straight teeth when he is an adult, which I really believe.  We made an appointment for tomorrow morning and the process will start.

I am assuming my daughter will have her consultation within the next 6 months to a year and both of them will be in braces at the same time.  I am so glad the orthodontist is right across the street.  While paying for braces for 2 kids will not be convenient, at least the location is!

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