Day 24: Hand me Down Flowers are Still Appreciated ❤

Today a student of mine came back into school at the end of the day. He was holding a bouquet of purple flowers and he handed them to me. I was surprised and asked him what they were for. He started telling me the story:

“My mom is a dietician and people were celebrating in her office. Someone gave her flowers, but we are leaving for Arizona tomorrow so we won’t be home. She told me to bring them in to you, so you could have them.”

I started to thank him and another teacher walked into the office. “Aww, what are the flowers for?” she asked. He gladly started with the story again. While he was telling her, she interrupted her and said,”I think you meant to say because she is an awesome teacher!” He laughed and said, “Yes, that is the SECOND reason.”

He smiled, laughed and headed out of the school.
We laughed in the office and I mentioned that I just got “hand me down flowers.”
It was a sweet ending to my day, even if they weren’t originally intended for me.

As I am writing this slice, I am sitting at my kitchen table, looking at some beautiful flowers, and thinking that hand me down flowers are still appreciated and they still brightened my day!

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